Community Health

PARTICIPATING DISTRICTS:  BCSA, Bentonville, Elkins, Decatur, Farmington , Fayetteville, Gentry, Gravette, Greenland, Haas Hall, Huntsville, Lincoln, Pea Ridge, Prairie Grove, Rogers, Siloam Springs, Springdale, West Fork, and some private schools such as Shiloh Christian

PERSONNEL: Nancy Marsh RN, Community Health Nurse Specialist,  BA (math), BSN, Nurse Practitioner


This program provides: (this is my job description from ADH)

  • Assistance with grant writing for school grants and community coalition grants.
  • A linkage for school-based tobacco prevention and other health efforts with local community coalitions.
  • Serves as an advocate for school health needs to community coalitions.
  • Linkage of resources for schools, community coalitions and others in the community to promote healthy communities.
  • Technical assistance on public health practices to schools and community coalitions.
  • Provides technical assistance and collaborates with school nurses to identify appropriate resources and continuing education offerings that will help meet the requirements for nursing licensure.
  • Works with State School Nurse Consultant to disseminate information as needed.
  • Site visits were made to school nurses and numerous emails/phone calls to facilitate communication with all school nurses. (There are over 144 school nurses in NWAESC.)
  • Technical assistance with school districts on all School Health issues.
  • Provides Technical Assistance in policy development for tobacco and school-based enforcement of tobacco related policies.
  • Provides Technical Assistance with evidence-based curricula, for tobacco, nutrition, and physical activity.
  • Provides training to school nurses and others.
  • Provides Technical Assistant to School Districts with Communicable Disease Outbreaks
  • Provides Educational Information  at School and Community Health Fairs
  • Provides health information for Parent Involvement Centers.
  • Provides training and technical assistance on School Health Index.
  • Provides technical assistance to Coordinated School Health grantees.
  • Provides technical assistance to tobacco prevention grantees.


  1. Professional development provided for school nurses (and others):

–       NWAESC Annual School Nurse Workshop –  various speakers in addition  to nursing Continuing Education Offered – about  150 participants from the various school districts. Also have exhibitors, including from out of state, for nurses to visit with during breaks and lunch.

–       Body Mass Index (BMI) Measurements Training Certification for new School Nurses (11)

–       Scoliosis Certification for New School Nurses (13)

–       Vision  & Hearing Certification Trainings  for New School Nurses  (25)

–       New Hearing Training to 129 School Nurses

–       NWA School Nurse Association Meeting hosted at NWAESC & speaker obtained with Nursing CE.

–       Regional ADH staff meetings held here – hosted

–       School Nurse Coordinators Meeting – 3 meetings held  with all the school districts present – met after I attended the statewide CHSN meeting in Little Rock – to communicate updates and other information.

–       Assisted at Western Ark. Co-op, Arch Ford, and O.U.R. Co-op with their annual fall school nurse workshop.

–       School Health Index training with Elkins School District

–       Hosted trainings for School Nurses and other school personnel – Traumatic Brain Injury –  2 sessions and Fatal Alcohol Spectrum; Healthy Lungs (2); Healthy Heart; Healthy Skin (2); Biology of Cancer..

–       Coordinated with Hansen’s  Disease Clinic in Baton Rouge to provide Hansen’s Disease Training for NWA School Nurses per CIV.

–       Para Pro Training

– taught to Elkins faculty – health, p.e. and nurses ,K-12.

–       Technical Assistance to St. Paul 21st Century Grant

–       Partnering to host Pediatric Procedures Skill Training by ACH staff to School Nurses (pilot).