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Making a Difference

At NWAESC, “Making a Difference!” has become our motto and we proudly wear the starfish pin which symbolizes our commitment to this mission. We place a high priority on an attitude of service and believe in going the “extra mile” to anticipate and meet the needs of our districts, which will help them increase the achievement of their students. We concentrate on treating smallest districts with the same level of service as the largest of our districts, working on the “little things”… returning phone calls promptly, helping find solutions to problems, and treating every question as if it is the first time it has been asked. We do not feel that we supervise our districts or tell them what to do; rather, we are a resource and we do everything we can to help them accomplish their goals. NWAESC is a service organization. Our mission is to provide services to member districts beyond that which they could provide for themselves.

Goals and Professional Development

The goal of the NWAESC’s Professional Development Program is to provide the administrators, teachers, and support staffs of our 16 districts with quality professional development opportunities that will expand knowledge, expand skills and will develop strategies and techniques that will assist in improving student achievement.

Professional Development Needs Surveys as well as individual requests by our schools determine the workshops that are offered by the co-op.

NWAESC Workshop Cancellation Procedure

  1. Login to your shoebox account in escWorks, click on “Registration History,” (this will pull up everything you are registered for,) under this field, you will be given the opportunity to cancel your registration.
    1. You will receive an email letting you know that you have successfully canceled your registration.
    2. If you DO NOT receive an email, you are still registered for the class and responsible for all charges associated with that workshop.  You will need to go back through the cancellation procedures and make sure you completed all required fields.
  1. You are able to cancel your registration up to 3 business days before the workshop.
    1. Any cancellation after the 3 days will be billed to the district at full price, as a “No Show”.
    2. You are always welcome to send someone in your place.  That person will need to cross through your name on the sign in sheet and write their name.