Useful Information

If your child is receiving services from our program we would like to ask your cooperation in the following:


  • Notify your service provider(s) IMMEDIATELY of any changes in name,address, phone, or work phone.
  • If you are moving out of our service area please notify us before you move so that we can help you find similar services at your new address.

Scheduled Sessions

  • Arrive for your sessions on time and pick up your child promptly at the ending time. Your service provider(s) should never be asked to keep a child outsideof the scheduled time.
  • Notify your service provider(s) if you need to cancel a session. We appreciate as much notice as possible so that we avoid unnecessary travel.
  • Our bad weather policy also follows the school’s policies. If your school district is closed because of bad weather, your Early Childhood services will not be held. Additionally, if the Farmington Schools are closed for bad weather, no Early Childhood services will be held in any district we serve.


  • Do not bring your child for services if s/he has (or has had in the last 24 hours) a fever of 100 degrees or more, vomiting, or a contagious condition (including but not limited to strep throat, head lice, pink eye). This is for the protection of your child, other children, and our staff.

Please stay in contact with your child’s service provider(s). They can be reached by calling the office at 479-267-5960. Your service provider(s) will keep you up to date on your child’s goals, including periodic notes from sessions and quarterly progress reports.