• To provide professional development in mathematics instructional best practices and assessment as defined by the Arkansas Department of Education in statewide initiatives and professional development programs.
  • To provide on-going training and support to promote standards-based mathematics lessons, including differentiating instruction to meet the needs of all learners.
  • To assist teaching and administrators in locating resources and research pertinent to the teaching and learning of mathematics.
  • To provide on-site technical assistance, support of school districts’ curriculum development and alignment, assistance with the appropriate use of technology, strategies for effective questioning, and development of mathematics leadership among teachers and mathematics coaches.
  • To work with local mathematics coaches in professional development.
  • To offer intensive support and technical assistance to schools which are in academic distress or in school improvement

Program Summary

The mathematics program at the Northwest Arkansas Education Service Cooperative is based on the identified teacher-quality needs of the Northwest Arkansas school districts.  These include increasing teachers’ content knowledge, sharing best practices, disseminating research, locating and developing supplemental teaching materials, assisting with data-driven decision making, and increasing parental involvement.  All of those support the state and national goal of mathematical fluency for all students.  In addition, furthers technical assistance has been provided to schools struggling to meet the needs of high-poverty and Limited English Proficient Students.

Major Highlights of the Year

  • In 2022, 43 teachers completed the 2-year training program and on-site coaching cycles for Arkansas Math QuEST (Quantitative Essentials for Students and Teachers).
  • In the years 2021 and 2022, over 200 K-12 NWA math teachers were trained in High Quality Instructional Materials for math, specifically the Illustrative Mathematics curriculum.
  • Provided on-site, personalized professional development tailored to the needs of individual teachers, students and schools.