Career and Technical Department

The Career and Technical Department encourages the development, implementation, and improvement of CTE programs for the region.  The CTE Coordinator provides supporting resources to enable public schools to initiate and maintain quality Career & Technical Education programs in accordance with the Arkansas Department of Career Education’s Strategic Plan, Goals, and Objectives. The Coordinator also encourages the development, implementation, and improvement of CTE programs for all districts (consortia or single LEA) in the service delivery area through the following job tasks:

  • Legally bind the district/cooperative with regard to the Perkins federal funds
  • Data Collection/Reporting
  • Competency Testing Reports
  • Completers
  • Certifications
  • Placement
  • Quarterly Activity Reports
  • Improvement Plans for Indicators not meeting 90% threshold
  • Program Review
  •  ACE Technical Assistance Visits – Preparation, Attendance, and Follow-up
  • Teacher Information – Review and Follow-up
  • Technical Assistance
  • Professional Development/Technology Training
  • New Teacher Assistance
  • Policies and Procedures Interpretation
  • Resource Distribution
  • Support Services for Special Populations
  • Start-Up Grant Support along with equipment inventory
  • CTE Initiatives Support
  • Career Clusters/Pathways/Programs of Study
  • Curriculum Frameworks
  • Career Planning Systems
  • End-of-Course Competency Testing
  • Academic Attainment of CTE Students
  • Statewide initiatives Administration/Assistance
  • Annual Application/Amendment Preparation and Submission
  • Budget Management/Reimbursements/Inventory
  • Implementation of Perkins Mandates
  • Accountability

The CTE Department also works closely with local Chambers of Commerce, The NW Arkansas Council, Post-Secondary Institutions, and Workforce Development Boards. The NWAESC supports the economic development in the region while working with districts to improve, enhance, and create world class career and technical programs.