Workshop Registration Help

To Register for a Workshop

  • Go to our home page:
  • Click Workshops on the NWAESC Menu Bar.
  • Click on EscWorks
  • Type in your login and password.
  • Then click on Catalog, then Calendar of Events to choose the workshop(s) you wish to attend
  • Under the title Catalog: Calendar of Events there are drop down menus for choosing the Cooperative you wish to choose from.  Under that is a drop down menu for the month you want to look.
  • When you find the workshop you want to register for, click on it and it will bring up the details about the workshop.  If this is what you want, click on the (+ cart) on the right. (After doing this you should see above that, your name and 1 item in your cart.
  • Then click on “Check Out” then “Complete Check Out”
  • You will receive an E-mail confirmation you are registered for that workshop.

To Cancel a Workshop Registration

  • Log in to your account in ESC Works
  • Click on Shoebox
  • Click on Registration History
  • View your upcoming events
  • Click ‘Cancel Registration’ on the appropriate event
  • You will receive an E-mail confirming your cancellation

Add Events to your Shoebox

  • Log in to your account
  • Click Shoebox
  • Click Transcript
  • Click Manage Transcript
  • Enter appropriate information for the event you attended
  • NOTE:  The date must be entered a particular way.  Click on the calendar icon to select the correct date if possible.
  • Click Add Credit