Technology and Distance Learning


Bentonville, Decatur, Elkins, Farmington, Fayetteville, Gentry, Gravette, Greenland, Huntsville, Lincoln, Pea Ridge, Prairie Grove, Rogers, Siloam Springs, Springdale, West Fork

Technology PERSONNEL:

Sam Karnatz, Technology Coordinator


The goal of the Technology Program is to provide technology information and support throughout our member district area. The Technology Coordinator administers the computer network, 2 training labs, and other computers and devices located at the coop.  The Technology program administers and supports nearly 200 unique, network-connected devices. It is a further goal of the Technology Department to provide training and support for member district staff and internal NWAESC staff.


The Technology Coordinator is a resource for districts to utilize as needed.  The Technology Coordinator supplies pertinent information on new technologies, statewide initiatives, and training opportunities.  Support for the NWAESC LAN including file server administration, desktop support and staff development training for Co-op staff is provided.  Duties also include supporting the Co-op website.  Another primary role of the Technology Coordinator is to support the hundreds of workshops held at the cooperative during the year. This includes supporting workshop presenters, loading specific software required for workshops, providing necessary hardware for participants, and resolving technical issues as they arise.



  • Brought in numerous vendors including: LightSpeed Systems, Aerohive, and Apple to support / train member district technology staff on new products and services
  • Installed IP camera system for early childhood dept.
  • Transitioned away from locally hosted web and workshop database hosting in an effort to move to more streamlined cloud-based solutions
  • Upgraded wireless infrastructure to be BYOD compliant
  • Boosted Local Technology Meeting attendance throughout the 2012-2013 school year
  • Visited multiple district campuses to perform Network bandwidth and infrastructure performance with Fluke Networks Etherscope network scan tool


Distance Learning PERSONNEL:
(Gordon Smith, DL Coordinator Masters)



(The goals were created by Act 2325 of 2005:  To help alleviate the increasing shortage of qualified teachers,  to provide additional course scheduling opportunities,  an enriched curriculum and additional course beyond those mandated by Arkansas Standards, and to make available online professional development and instructional resources for all teachers and administrators.)



(2012-2013 school year the DL office has worked with 12 schools, but in previous years the number has been higher.  The Northwest Districts are receiving classes from all of the Arkansas providers and making use of the program as it was designed.)




  • Created and designed MOODLE projects for Co-op Specialists
  • Created MOODLE for GT Administrators
  • In the process of transitioning the CIV over to on-line blended learning, a two year process.
  • Visited each participating district at least twice the first semester.
  • Worked with the committee to streamline the PD scheduling